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General Information for all exams


The exams will be held on Friday, August14th.


The preliminary schedule looks like this:

Quantitative Methods in Operations Management: August14th, 9am

Multivariate and Non-linear models: August14th, 1pm

Quantitative Methods in Economics: August14th, 5 pm


Requirements to participate:

To participate in the exam, you will have needed to register with the Prüfungsamt using the QIS. We will use the OLAT for the exams. You will not receive a link to any OLAT courses, I will add you based on the information provided to me by the Prüfungsamt. For this to work, you need an OLAT account that you login into by using Shibboleth. In your OLAT settings, make sure your email address is your RHRK email address. We will restrict access to exams based the email address that your OALT account uses.


Starting on Monday, August 10th, I will add you to a special OLAT course. In there you will be able to bindingly chose the two exams you want to take for Quantitative Methods, e.g., QME and QMOM. The exam choice will be open until Thursday, August 12th. For some exams, especially MNM, you will be able to take a mock exam in this OLAT course. The mock exams will not include actual questions. Their purpose it to let you practice your workflow and get a feel of possible question types.


Based on your choice, I will add you to separate OLAT courses for each exam.


In time, you will get additional information from the respective chairs that provide the exam.




Q&A regarding the Multivariate and non-linear models


Q: How long will the exam take?

A: It will take 90 minutes, and you must start it within 90 minutes after the scheduled beginning. No matter when you begin the exam, it will end 95 minutes after its scheduled start. Consider the 5-minute difference a grace period for any difficulties you might have while logging into the OLAT or starting the exam. There will be a count down timer during the exam, showing you how much time is left. 


Q: Will there be an SPSS part?

A: No. Although there are possibilities to use SPSS from home, I think it will be too error-prone. Therefore, there will be no part that requires you to use SPSS. 


Q: Will the structure of the exam change?

A: Yes. There will be no SPSS part, and because it is a genuine open book exam, I will change the sort of questions I am asking. I will also account for the possibilities of the OLAT as a testing platform. There is likely to be a mix of essay questions, choice questions, and others. 


Q: Can I also answer questions in German?

A: Yes, answers in German or English are possible.


Q: Do I need to learn something new to participate in the exam?

A: You will need to be able to write or draw things on paper, make a photo of your results (e.g., with your smartphone or your computer's webcam) and upload it to the OLAT. You will have the possibility to practice this workflow. Hence, there are no excuses if this does not work during the exam. 


Q: Will I need a printer during the exam?

A: No. 


Q: Do I need to answer the questions by myself?

A: Yes. This is not a group exam. Before the exam, you will need to sign that you single-handedly wrote the exam. If there is reasonable doubt that you took the exam not alone or that you coordinated your answers with anybody else, you will fail the exam, and we will report your actions to the Prüfungsamt. 


Q: If I decide against the exam on August14th, will I still be able to make my bonus points count?

A: Yes, you will be able to use your bonus points for any tries you take in the summer exam and the coming winter exam. The latter is only due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you want to use bonus points in the summer exam of 2021, you will have to earn them in the upcoming 2020/2021 winter lectures.

Q: Is it possible to change answers after saving them?

A: Yes, it is. The examiner will only see your last answer.


Q: What should I do if there is a technical problem when saving?

A: Try to save it again. Make sure you copy your answer into the clipboard, in case anything goes wrong. If the problems persist and your internet connection is working, write an Email to 


Q: What happens if I get thrown off the internet?

A: You need to log on again and continue. If you start on time, there is a five minute grace period to cover these cases.


Q: In questions where I need to upload the answer: Can I upload more than one file?

A: No, you can not. However, you can overwrite your answer by uploading another file. When correcting the exam, examiners will only be able to see your most recent upload. The system will delete any previous uploads for the same question. If you require more than one page to answer, you need to merge your photos into one file. Ensure that you find a comfortable and fast way to do so. You see some suggestions below.


Q: How can I upload photos of answers using a tablet?

A: The upload of single photos should be straight forward. If you need to combine more that one picture for your upload, check out and familiarize yourself with the apps Office Lens or JotNot, both available for iOS and Android. 


Q: How can I upload photos of answers using a PC?

A: You could email yourself the picture you took with your smartphone. You can also connect your smartphone and your PC via Bluetooth or a USB connection. Some students synchronize their smartphone's photos with the cloud and download it from there. Find a way that works best for your needs. Please also find a way to combine pictures of several pages on your PC! In OS X, you can use Preview. On Windows, you could use the PDF24 Creator that is available for free. Some students pasted several photos into a single Word file and uploaded it. 


Q: The upload of the answers' photos takes too long. What can I do?

A: If you find that the upload takes to long, check the settings of your camera. A full 40MP-resolution for a picture is not necessary, and neither is full color-depth. Experiment with your camera's settings to reduce the file size of your photo and to find a proper balance between quality and file size that suits your needs. 

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