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Update: about the OR mündliche Ergänzungsprüfungen

The students, who are going to participate in the mündliche Ergänzungsprüfungen of the OR, should send me ( an e-mail before November 2, 2020 for their registration.

Your e-mail should contain: your full name, your student id number, your RHRK e-mail address, the exam that you are going to participate ("OR 1" or "OR 2"?).

As soon as I receive any new information, I will then inform the registered students.

Please note that we check and communicate with students only with their RHRK e-mail addresses. We don't check/reply messages sent via private e-mail addresses.

Unfortunately, we don't know yet when, where, and how exactly the mündliche Ergänzungsprüfungen of the OR courses will take place. However, the  mündliche Ergänzungsprüfungen might be during the last week of November 2020. As soon as the exact date is set, I will inform the registered students.

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