Business Information Systems & Operations Research


Exams on August 6th (BPM, CI, MAS, OLS)

Dear students,

On August 6th, the written exams for Introduction to Business Process Management, Introduction to Computational Intelligence, Introduction to Multiagent Systems and Optimization of Logistic Systems are going to take place in room 46-215 (refer to the KIS for detailed information).

In order to facilitate a smooth course of events and in the interest of everyone's own health, we demand that every participant is aware and has read and understood the Corona Policy of the TUK. In particular, you should familiarize yourself with the layout of the room.

The examination will be conducted as follows:

  1.  Initially, an identity check will be performed at the designated location. During this process, you will be assigned a seat number. You should take place only on the designated seat and not anywhere else.
  2. On the table corresponding to your seat number, the correct exams will already have been placed. During check-in, the room will be supervised. Before the check-in is complete, you must not touch the exams under any circumstance! Failure to follow this rule is considered a cheating attempt.
  3. Once the check-in has been completed and all seats have been taken, further information will be read aloud by the organizers.
  4. As soon as all of the above is finished, we will jointly commence the examinations.


An oronasal mask must be worn upon entering the building, when asking questions, when going to the restroom. The mask may be removed during the identity check and while you are seated at your designated place.

In case of respiratory symptoms or a quarantine ordered by official authorities, it is in everyones interest that you do not participate in the exam.

At any time you should uphold the appropriate distance.

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