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Exercises to Multiagent Systems

As part of the Module Multiagent Systems, in Exercises to Multiagent Systems each student is tasked with a programming project in which they should solve a given and well-suited optimization problem, using knowledge and methods from the lecture  Introduction to Multiagent Systems. As such, Exercises to Multiagent Systems should not be mistaken as a traditional 'lecture hall exercise'. Instead, it might be considered as a project paper.

As part of the exercises, an appropriate implementation, a written report, and a presentation of the key results are required If you are interested in participating in Exercises to Multiagent Systems, you should note that you can only participate if you have already attended Introduction to MAS. In general, the projects in Exercises to Multiagent Systems start directly after the lecture (Introduction to Multiagent Systems).

For further information, please contact Daniel Schermer.

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