Business Information Systems & Operations Research

Electronic Markets 3: Information systems for electronic markets

Prof. Dr. O. Wendt


WS 2018/19


Room: 42-421a

Time: Thursday, 10:00 - 11:30 Uhr


Start: 8 November 2018


Information to the lectures and possible themes are listed in OLAT.




Prelimniary substances

Technological basics

Fundamental architectures, standards, developments and trends safety aspects: attacking techniques and safety mechanisms, Payment procedures

Green IT in E Business, application of measuremnt methods, eco balancing on E Business applications,sustainability in E Business from a technical point

Elektronic auction methods

Distinction, systematic classification of the assortetd characterics of E Commerce, electronic markets and marketplaces, fundamental business models for selected business function areas, different auction methods, application of auction methods in E Business.

Recommender Systems

The schedules will be available here for Download or rather given in parts in the current reading unit.

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