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Research areas and current projects

Our research focuses on modeling complex (and often stochastic) search and optimization problems in business, and solving them via computational heuristics. A special emphasis is given to distributed problems arising in social multi-agent systems, which cannot be optimized by pure economic price coordination.  Imposing a solution by a central planner will often be rejected by the autonomous agents. We therefore need to design distributed mechanisms providing incentives to participate to the individual agents without deviating too much from a pareto-efficient solution.

We apply these methods to various domains, leading the following complementary areas of research::

  • Computational Intelligence
  • Vehicle Routing
  • Yield Management and Planning of Internal Processes
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Recommender Systems for Reciprocal Matching
  • Medical Data Mining and Forecasting

 For details please refer to "Research".



Besides our Bachelor courses "Business Information Systems" and "Operations Research" we offer the following Master courses: