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Master Seminar

For the topics, please contact directly the research assistant, with whom you would like to do your Master Seminar. Then, the official registration for a Master Seminar will be done directly at the chair.

Bachelor Seminar

Requirements for a s seminar are 80 ECTS as well as the successful attendance in the eam Operations Research (and ideally in the ecam Business Informatics, too). Die Anmeldung erfolgt über das KIS.

In this term several case studies from the book "Case Studies in Operations Research" by Katta G. Murty are available for selection.

The seminar consits of two phases:

Phase 1: Learning the modeling software Gurobi by means of a self-chosen example from the Gurobi page.

Phase 2: Editing an example from the book above by means of Gurobi.

General information for writing a seminar, study, bachelor or master thesis you will find here (in German).