Business Information Systems & Operations Research

Operations Research

Lecturers are:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Wendt

Dr. habil. Mahdi Moeini

Summer Term 2019

ID of the lecture parts: WIW-BWL-OR-1 and WIW-BWL-OR-2

The lectures start on Thursday, April 18, 2019. The scripts will be sold before starting the first session, around 15:15' in front the Room 42-115.

Lectures:  Thursdays, 15.30-17.00  (Room: 42-115)

Exercises: Fridays,      11.45-13.15 (Room: 46-215)


Lectures and exercises of "OR I" end on May 31, 2019 and the tutorials of "OR I" end on June 19, 2019.

Lectures and exercises of "OR II" will start since May 31, 2019 (a common and introductory exercise session will be organized on May 31, 2019).

Examination (for Winter Exam: February 2020):

Operation Research I
(*) Lectures:

According to the printed scripts of summer semester 2019:
Part 1: everything except: slides 2.24 and 4.12 and 5.41-5.57 and 5.76-5.114 and 6.1-6.21
(*) Exercises: 1-5 (including)
(*) Tutorials: 1-6 (including)

Operations Research II
(*) Lectures:
Part 2 (Nonlinear Methods): everything except: slides NLP.128-NLP.157 and NLP.184-NLP.193.
Part 3 (Heuristics): everything
(*) Exercises: 6-10
(*) Tutorials: 7-10



Lecture recordings, exercises (with solution), tutorial materials, and learning software can be found in OLAT. You get the  password required for access to OLAT during the first lecture or you can from the secretary of the chair. All information regarding lecture and examination are provided in OLAT. Lecture dates published in the OLAT calendar have priority over dates as stated in KIS. Any changes in the schedule of lectures/exercises/tutorials will be published in OLAT.

Lecture slides

Lecture slides are sold before the first session of the lecture.

Afterwards, printed slides are available to buy or for copying in the secretariat (room 42-420) of the chair.


The contents of the lecture can be prepared in self-study with the OR-Wiki. We offer lecture recordings, explanatory readings to single topics and further references.

  • Please note that the lecture recordings are only available from within the university's network.
  • Please note that there are some differences between the current contents of the lectures versus the recorded videos and Wikis, because the latter ones are not updated each year! 
    Furthermore, we revise the contents of the lectures regularly in order to improve the quality of our lectures. The recommended learning style for this course consists in attending the lectures, then particpating actively in the exercise sessions, and finally, it is also good to attend the tutorials.

Student Presentations

The video recordings of the bonus point assignements of last year can be found here (TU internal).

Please note that we don't claim that the recordings are sufficient to understand the course contents and that we don't guarantee that the recordings are without errors. The videos represent just the understanding of the corresponding group(s). The videos might (but NOT necessarily) help you in for understanding the concepts.

Exercises and Tutorials

There will be several exercise sessions throughout the semester. The assignments will be published each week and the solutions of the corresponding assignments will be published in the next week.

In OLAT, you can register for the tutorial groups: please pay attention that registration required for attending the tutorials. The assignments of the tutorials and the solution of the assignments will be published each on OLAT.

At the first session of the lecture, the starting date of the tutorials as well as the exercises will be announced. Any further information will be communicated through OLAT.


The exam assignments are in English (with a German translation). The assignments might be answered in English or in German (whichever you prefer).

Ruler and non-programmable calculator can be used and are recommended.

Forbidden materials are: all materials and topics dealt with in lectures, lecture recordings, exercises, tutorials, any additional paper, any internet-connected device. You should not answer the assignments by red pen or pencil.

You can find on OLAT a forum for questions and answers.

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