Business Information Systems & Operations Research

General Information (Winter Term)

Here you will find the lectures that are offered during the winter term. Please note that the master's level lectures follow a modular structure (refer toExams & Module Structure).

If you would like to attend a seminar or if you are interested in doing your bachelor's or master's thesis at our chair, please contact 
Konstantin Kloster,
Marvin Caspar, or
Daniel Schermer to receive information about available topics.

Bachelor's Level Courses

in the Winter Term

Information Systems


  • Information- and knowledge management
  • Planning, realization and introduction of application systems
  • Analysis and design of internal and intercompany processes
  • Fundamentals of IT networking
  • Selected areas of business informatics
  • Object oriented modelling
  • Introduction to Python



To get access to the OLAT course, write an email to Konstantin Kloster.

Master's Level Courses

in the Winter Term

Multivariate and Nonlinear Models


  • Data Analysis and Graphical Presentation
  • Multivariate Linear Models
    • Multivariate analysis of variance
    • Multiple Regression
    • Factor Analysis
    • Multidimensional scaling
  • Multivariate Nonlinear Models
    • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Kernel-based Estimators and Support Vector Machines


will be announced soon


As announced by Dr. Blank, please enrol for this lecture in KIS

Registered students will be added to the OLAT course at the end of October.

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