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Dr. habil. Mahdi Moeini

If you are looking for a topic for your bachelor or master (thesis, research project, or seminar), then you can contact me via mahdi.moeini(at)

Then, we make an appointment and talk about the plans for your project(s).

  • You can write your project either in German or in English, as you prefer!

Several projects are currently available related to different topics. You can download the list of topics by clicking on the following links¹:

The topics are related to:

  • scheduling crew activities (in cooperation with Lufthansa)
  • using drones and robots in last-mile deliveries
  • performance evaluation in Corona outbreak
  • machine learning + optimization
  • bus timetabling
  • different applications of "operations research" in science and engineering,
  • ....

It is also possible if you bring a project topic by yourself. However, the topic should have a decent scientific level related to my research interests.
My research activities cover a wide range of topics in operations research and optimization; in particular, machine learning, logistics and transportation, combinatorial optimization, graphs and networks, portfolio optimization, and design of exact as well as heuristic algorithms. I am particularly interested in application of operations research.

Short bio:

In November-December 2021, I was visiting professor (for one month) at the Department of Computer Science in the University of Lorraine (France).

In February 2018, I obtained my diploma of habilitation in Computer Science (Operations Research) from the University of Paul Sabatier - Toulouse, in France.

Also, I am holder of a PhD degree in Computer Science (Operations Research) form Paul Verlaine University-Metz (its current name is University of Lorraine), in France.

After obtaining my PhD degree, I accomplished several post-doc programs in France and in Germany, and worked on academic as well as industrial projects.

Since October 2014, I am lecturer/researcher in Operations Research and Optimization within the Chair of Business Information Systems & Operations Research (BISOR).

In order to get more information about me or my research/teaching profile, you might visit my personal page via the following links:

Personal website

List of my publications


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Betreuung der Lehrveranstaltung: Operations Research/Management Science, Computational Intelligence, OLS und Data Science.

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